Elevate your brand

before and during the FreshEx event.
Sponsorships are available for all budgets, many of which are exclusive.

Registration Sponsors

$5,000 Exclusive Sponsor
$1,500 Four Co-sponsorships

Listed as a registration sponsor on e-confirmation and logo on the check-in kiosk.

Registration Bags

“$1,000 + bags Exclusive Sponsor

Supply 1,000 registrations bags to be handed out upon arrival. 

Opening Session

$5,000 Exclusive Sponsor

Submit a 30-second video to be played prior to presentation. On-stage introduction of keynote speaker with your logo in background. Lit drop on chairs and company name and logo listed on website and social media.

$2,500 Two Co-sponsorships

Lit drop on chairs and company name and logo listed on website and social media.


Fresh Bites Stage

$5000 – Exclusive “stage” sponsor
$2,000 – co-sponsor a “stage”

Sponsor your own stage inside the exhibit hall, creating your own specific focus.  Share your solutions to FreshEx attendees during a 15-minute educational session on the trade show floor! Pre-event email and social media marketing for each Fresh Bites Stage sponsor.

Hand Washing Stations

$2,500 Exclusive Sponsorship  

Add your company name and logo to all 10 handwashing stations sprinkled throughout the show floor. Plus, recognition on FreshEx social media and website.

Mobile App Advertising


Featured on the main Exhibitor List page on mobile app and FreshEx website.

Limited to 4 companies

Pen & Paper

“$1,000 + give-aways Exclusive Sponsor

Provide notebooks and pens of your choice to be distributed at the educational sessions.

Website Banner Ad

$1,500 to add your banner ad to key FreshEx emails distributed by all three associations.

Email Banner Ad

$1,500 to add your banner ad to FreshEx emails distributed by three associations.
Dimensions: 200 x 600 pixels, pdf or jpg format requested.


Lanyard Sponsorship

$1,000 + Lanyards Exclusive Sponsor

Put your brand around the necks of every single Expo attendee with this exclusive sponsorship.  This opportunity is like a walking billboard for your company!

Custom Sponsorship

Sometimes a more customized approach is needed to meet your company’s objectives.  We like to do things differently, too! 

Reach out and pitch us what you’re thinking…we’d love to work together!



Questions? Contact

Kris Neilson at kris@wisconsingrocers.com
Dawn Faris at dfaris@wirestaurant.org
Jessica Hoover at jessica@wibakers.com